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Scary Stuff A new partner who insists it's love at first sight doesn't meet anyone's expectations or desires.

With that being said, it’s also important to be open to people who may not look quite as you expected them to look.

is a faith-based content destination serving the Christian community, dedicated to helping Christians deepen their walk with the Lord as well as fellowship with other believers.

The site also exists as a resource for the Seeker looking for hope and answers. Relationship expectations are simply what you expect from the people in your personal relationships.

People's desires and wishes come strongly into play as dating relationships begin; they determine to whom people are attracted, and they are also frequently projected onto potential partners, making those potential partners appear more (or less) desirable than they might actually turn out to be.

In the absence of actual experience with new partners, it is easy for people to see their new partners as possessing ideal characteristics and sharing similar beliefs and values.


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