Wpf listview selecteditem not updating dating ordnance survey maps

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The Name property represents the name of the control, which is a unique identifier of a control.

The Margin property tells the location of a List Box on the parent control.

The Double Click does popup a message box with all the data in the row, I just cannot seem to get only one subitem or cell's data.

Say a row has ISBN: 1234567 Title: Hurrr Author: Waldo, how do I just retrieve the ISBN or just the title? You first need to cast it to its specific type before you can access its members.

For casting you need to know the name of the class to cast to, but you're adding instances of an anonymous class (= has no name) to your List View.

Solution: Define a class (e.g., That makes perfect sense!

So for my next trick, I'm now unable to figure out how to select an item programmatically in a List View.

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On studying how to use MVVM pattern in WPF I found out that the List View or List Box control doesn’t support ICommand interface and therefore I can not bind a command to a List View.

After searching on Internet I saw that man can use Prism extensions framework WPF to add custom command to our List View control.

The example below guides step by step how to get Selected Item of List View in MVVM pattern using command. Compile and run program, the List View will be fulfilled with the database 6.


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