Russian church beliefs on dating

Teens ought to see sex as something very sacred and good and therefore an act not lightly undertaken.

For that matter, we want them to understand that the consequences of a sexual relation are something that they carry with themselves throughout their life.

Next comes Palm Sunday, one week before Easter, commemorating the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, followed by Holy Week, which ends on Easter Sunday, or . Many Orthodox churches observe a Paschal Vigil which ends just before midnight on Holy Saturday (or Great Saturday), the last day of Holy Week on the evening before Easter.

Immediately following the vigil, Easter festivities begin with Paschal Matins, Paschal Hours, and the Paschal Divine Liturgy.

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday, which celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, according to Christian belief.

Many Orthodox Christian churches in the United States often observe Easter Monday at a later date than the Easter Monday date observed by many western churches.

The term "Clean Monday" refers to a cleansing from sinful attitudes through the Lenten fast.

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Some liturgies include priests sprinkling holy water, bell ringing, and a procession that involves children participating by holding religious icons.Easter Monday is a day to finish leftover Easter meals that were not eaten the day before.Orthodox Easter Monday is not a federal public holiday in the United States.In Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the spiritual preparations begin with Great Lent, a 40-day period of self-examination and fasting (including Sundays), which starts on Clean Monday and culminates on Lazarus Saturday.Clean Monday falls seven weeks before Easter Sunday.The day is also known as Bright Monday, Renewal Monday, or New Monday.


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