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Bree ran the San Francisco chapter of The Learning Annex, that mainstay of adult education courses for the personal-growth set.

This was the mid-nineties, when people still called the New Age movement “the New Age movement.” Deepak was our big get that season. I just found it surprising that moments before the dry run now underway, this beacon of enlightenment, a man supposedly above the trivialities of ego and self-doubt, had asked Bree if the khakis he was wearing made him look fat.

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They're guaranteed to become the focal point of your next summer cookout.

For those new to grilling, learn some basic skills on a classic charcoal Weber.

Before that here are some comments on our river cruise in general (with my wife Anne giving her opinions, too): Our stateroom We sailed on one of the new Viking Longships – the Viking Forseti.

Our stateroom was just above the water level with a French Balcony – we could open the sliding glass window to the open air.

Viking River Cruise on the Rhine October 2013 by Tim Larison, CLIA Certified Master Cruise Counselor (MCC) with contributions from Travel Agent Anne Larison We had an amazing river cruise on the Rhine in October 2013.

I really liked having a french balcony – on my only other river cruise I was at the lowest level with a small window.

It is worth the extra dollars to get the french balcony!

This niche dating site currently has slightly more men than women members (44% vs 56% as of September 2009) and it has enjoyed a steady growth in new members during the past few years.

The service is designed strictly for you to meet and communicate with singles by using the tools provided.


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