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Your suggestions are welcome, please just write a comment at the end. Leaving Indonesia without this experience is a bit like leaving Italia without eating pizza.

As a traveler, an easy way to get a date is to use online dating apps like Tinder.

I am ever hopeful that “the one” is perhaps new message in my inbox. I am on Active Singles and Green Singles but without a photo on each so–not very serious about those efforts.

A couple have gone on to other girlfriends but still stay in touch or get together with me for a dinner or some other friendly thing.

I have had mostly email contact, then some phone calls, but I have only gotten together with 11 people and of the 11, one 1 1/2 year relationship and 2 others less than one year each.

I may ramp it up though since winter is coming and I will be willing to devote more time to this most important effort!

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Many girls in Jakarta will be suspicious about your intentions if you are a tourist though.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. So that means, if you get some good photos that show you as the handsome man you are. well I guess I fit in the #5 category - I am over 40 and yes....a BBW....nevermind the fact I am very, very educated, professional and have much to offer.....guys don't want a woman like me........ At present with your poor photos and negative profile you are at the bottom. Spend two hours in the summer heat at a concert, and a vendor selling water for a bottle will get your money if you're dying of thirst.

Hello all Does anyone think when it comes to online dating that women have the upper hand? In my opinion, I do think women hold the upper hand in most not all cases. We give in too fast or we wait out the door for too long to be let in instead of moving on. And message women within your demographic you will do very well. So I guess that would put me...#6....I have I to alter it to say.... If you rewrite your profile when you are in a good mood and ask a friend to take some photos of you well dressed, looking happy and handsome, and you contact ladies within your demographic I am certain you will see a massive difference. Solving your problem is more important than what you're paying for it. The recipe for anyone to have success here is fairly simple and the same for both sexes.

So my question is should I indicate in my profile that I am interested in starting a family/marriage or would it sound too heavy and scare off even those who otherwise feel it’s the right time for them to start a family.

If it’s too much then what would be the best way to phrase my “serious intentions” without scaring men off but getting my point across?


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