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You can read more about the drawbacks of sugar gliders and find more information in the Gliderpedia.These gliders are very happy and well taken care of. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.Those who donate more support those who cannot afford even this small amount.We are supported by the bereaved, for the bereaved.Current diet consists of HPW Complete and we alternate the Critterlove salad recipes. One of my boys lately has been giving off a skunk smell. I was having bonding time in my bathroom and he was...Recently I adopted a female sugar glider, about 1yr of age.

Like ferrets, they are often neglected, which is exactly wh... Is all you need for the diet hpw complete Glider complete pellets and the powder that makes a pudding like substance? when i'm around, expect for feeding time, they run away. When I first open cage and try and get him out, he makes a loud noise. My boyfriends cat attacked two of our gliders early this morning and killed our Pie he also got a hole of our Lelo and she was bit o the head and neck she has been eating grapes and her daily nutritio...

As with any animal, sugar gliders have certain drawbacks that you should consider.

Cleaning cages, costs, veterinary access, tempermant and more are all things to be considered.

New groups are formed whenever there is a need for them.

We request per month per group for membership in our support groups, but no one is turned away if they suffer financial hardship.


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