Dating place in guwahati

Shillong can arguably be said to be the most charming hill-station of India.Located in Meghalaya, a land famous for receiving the highest rainfall in the world and aptly called the ‘abode of clouds’, it is during the monsoon season when Shillong turns magical.The city is also home to smart and educated individuals who are friendly enough to have a conversation with.Apart from the scenic beauty of the hills and the riverside, other significant sights around the city are ancient temples, museums, cultural centers, a botanical garden and a planetarium.

Because of this, most tourists end up staying in the city for a few days.

Kamakhya Temple: This Shakti temple located at Nilachal Hills, Guwahati, is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya which is of great historic and religious importance.

Well known for the unique festival, Ambubachi mela, which is held here every year lakhs of devotees gather at this holy site on this five day festival. Kamakhya Railway Juntion is the nearest railway station which is barely 15 minutes from here.

Umananda Temple: Located in Peacock Island amidst River Brahmaputra, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

It is believed Lord Shiva burned down Kamadeva to ashes on this island.


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