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# 1007 010082500 SX (250-4076) Video Modes Faxback Doc.

If you think sections are badly written, let us know, and we'll gladly try to improve them. For simplicity, refer to the following steps and to a “ Registry file” which I've prepared: 1. Further, it seems there are just a few differences in the REG format: • Remove the comment-lines in the file, if your copy of Reg Edit blows up on them – they begin with a semi-colon.

“ Old Apps Find a New Home On Windows XP”, by Brian Proffit (PC-Mag). “ Make legacy applications feel at home in Windows XP”, by Faithe Wempen Tech Republic. Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article [Q]279792: “ HOW To: Enable Application Compatibility-Mode Technology in Windows 2000 SP2 and SP3”. Also the following MS KB articles: 303528, HOW TO: Keep a Jet 4.0 Database in Top Working Condition 296264, Configuring Opportunistic Locking in Windows 129202, PC Ext: Explanation of Opportunistic Locking on Windows NT 148367, Possible Network File Damage with Redirector Caching 142803, Locking Error or Computer Hangs Accessing Network Database Files 174371, Possible Database File Damage When Data Is Appended 124916, Some Client Applications Fail When Writing to Windows NT 126026, Server Optimization in RFCB Caching 219022, Improving Performance of MS-DOS Database Applications 161504, PRB: "Error Reading Drive" with Windows NT 3.5 as Server 169608, Occasional File Corruption When Using Unbuffered I/O 165403, Windows 95 Update Prevents Sending Clear-Text Password Over Net 321733, "Delayed Write Failed" Error Message When You Write a File to a Server 812937, (XP bug), File Lock or Access Denied Error Message When You Save Files Over the Network 330174, (XP), "Delayed Write Failed" !!! 811492, (XP and W2003 DEL-timeout bug), It May Take 35 Seconds to Delete Files over the Network 314106, Troubleshooting MS-DOS-based programs in Windows XP 163525, Delay when saving Word file to Windows NT 4.0 server. You must install SP 6a anyway, and then contact Microsoft for updated RDR. 281672, Possible data loss after you enable the "Write Cache Enabled" feature on Hard-Disks (Windows 2000). An excellent Delphi-Magazine article is here, and covers Paradox File-Corruption issues, Op-Locks, etc. Some Op-Locks notes by the Super Base folks here and here. Maybe Off-Topic, but a Free PASCAL system is available at Free, and is slated as a clone of TP 7 – and is similar to Delphi). • From some tests, it seems there are some minor syntax changes in the REG files; sometimes Double-Words and 4-byte Hex values retain their exact identities, and sometimes each might appear as the other (with the individual bytes reversed, as expected). This option might be disabled in your system; if so, you might try a right-click on the Reg file, and select the Merge option. If the REG file works well for you, perhaps you should update the startup programs in your apps to ensure that the stated settings are always in the live Registry – just in case some other apps decide to alter them later – or, perhaps better, to always “force” the above stated values...


00008Index to Material Saftey Data Sheets 010002500 SX (250-4076) Catalog Listing Faxback Doc.


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