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So much so, that we've let our curious mind wander to how even MORE characters could contribute to the enchanting ABC series! A pic of Matthew with his face painted just like our fave country darling might be giving away a few hints. Conor Mc Gregor may have lost the big fight last night to veteran boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., but the Irish brawler didn't seem too disappointed a few hours after the bout while he was parting it up in Sin City! Partying hard last night at the Encore Beach Club after the ring battle, Mc Gregor grabbed the mic at one point and told a captivated crowd the quote of the night (below): [ Does Justin Bieber's pastor have too much influence on his life? This and more on The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker! Well more is what we got with this EXCLUSIVE clip featuring normally sexy bros Dane De Haan and Matthew Gray Gubler showing off their comic chops instead! Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to get your first NSFW look at the quirky horror-comedy starring Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick! With exciting new characters to look forward to, like Ariel and Tinkerbell, we're obviously getting real fired up over the plot possibilities. After some inneresting pics hit online, rumors are now running wild that something might be happening in the love department between Swifty and actor Matthew Gray Gubler! We haven't quite decided if this is awesome or a little bit creepy! Tags: awesome, creepy, criminal minds, hypnosis, matthew gray gubler What an incredible quote!!!(Plus, she’s really horny.) We caught up with Baena and some of his delighted cast at Sundance, where they shared secrets from the set, including Baena’s highbrow inspiration, Plaza’s character April on “Parks and Recreation” (“I know her inside and out”), Shannon’s overachievement, and Gubler’s complete inability to do impressions.“Life After Beth” was picked up by A24; stay tuned for a release date and watch below.And hey, since , we've compiled them all in this magical wishlist to share with you! And it seems to be at least confirmed that he was partying it up for independence at Swifty's Rhode Island house as he revealed what he had been up to on Twitter: Tags: 4th of july, fourth of july, friends, holidaze, love line, matthew gray gubler, romance, rumors, taylor swift , she and the undeniably handsome Matthew Gray Gubler cast magic on on another with Mr. Listen on i Tunes, Sound Cloud or directly at Perez! , phyllis smith, ranbir kapoor, stuart townsend, vanessa hudgens, zac efron Tour, but it seems there might have been one special guest included. So this is what you're doing with your free time when you're not on set, Matthew???Here’s the official synopsis for : Zach (De Haan) is devastated by the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Beth (Plaza).When she mysteriously returns, he gets a second chance at love.

”Plaza (as Gubler): “What do you get exactly, Aubrey?

a lot of people date others who are significantly younger than them. and I know he gets a bad rep purely because of the Kemp Muhl thing, which I agree, is kind of icky.

I’ve always been attracted to/been in relationships with older men.

This is a re-run of our interview with Aubrey Plaza, Matthew Gray Gubler and the cast of “Life After Beth” from the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Sometimes the chemistry on a set works just perfectly, and you can just tell the cast had a ball making the movie.


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