Accommodating ideas

But what’s more surprising about the response to Hanson’s election has been the argument that her newly elected status as a Senator gives her a legitimate right to be given a platform to preach her views, hate speech or not.– On Monday, Guardian Australian ran an opinion article by political journalist Margo Kingston who said while she may disagree with Hanson’s policies, “The fears [of Islam] are natural, and understandable.” “Western democracies are splitting up into warring 2014, which makes it illegal to insult on the basis of race.And it was Tony Abbott that gave Cory Bernardi his Royal Commission into Halal Certification, dressed up with the politically correct disguise of an inquiry into ‘food labelling’.Because of the high concern for others, accommodating is useful. What happens, though, is we tend to dislike when the other person accommodates because it comes off as not caring, or worse, inauthentic.In areas of low personal importance, accommodating makes sense. Taking into account how severe the conflict is and whether accommodation is appropriate is important.

In another example, at work, especially if we manage others, we could accommodate our employees’ ideas as a teaching moment.The ‘Far Rockaway: Accommodating Nature’ proposal by archedesign for the MOMA PS1 Rockaway Call for Ideas accommodates nature, instead of fighting it.Selected as one of the winning entries, the concept both creates a more fluid connection between the urban neighborhood and the surrounding water, and helps to minimize future environmental damage.Here are four ideas to keep in mind when you’re planning future lessons: When you are teaching your students about the themes of a book your class is reading, you don’t just ask students to read it; the only way to learn deeply is to ask questions, share interpretations and build context.By treating images in a similar fashion, you can elevate them from mere visual aids to rich examples in how to think, communicate and analyze.There is also a power dynamic at play, where someone with less power accommodates someone with more power more often than not. For example, in a personal relationship, it makes sense to accommodate our partner’s movie preference.


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